Recent Projects

Tajikistan: Advanced Training in CBR / CBID

5-day online advanced training and workshop to further develop skills in community-based inclusive rehabilitation and development. Since 2010, the office of the Caritas Germany Office in Tajikistan (COT), together with local authorities and local non-government organisation (NGOs), has carried out successful rehabilitation projects in six districts of Tajikistan and one district of Kyrgyzstan. The workshop


Evaluation of a program for comprehensive social inclusion of vulnerable persons suffering from psycho-social, social and physical disabilities and chronic diseases (HIV/AIDS).  


An advisory participatory evaluation, with a right-based, family and community-oriented inclusive approach for children with disabilities and their families.  

Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan: Final Evaluations of a Social Work and CBR projects

Final evaluation (online) of a project to facilitate professionalisation of social work in Tajikistan and neighbouring countries and introduce community-based rehabilitation into curricula.  

Indonesia: Midterm Evaluation of Community Development projects

Evaluation of a project to build resilient communities through synergies between community-based groups, civil society organizations and village governments.  

Voices for Inclusion: Facilitation of exchange and learning of voices for inclusion in Indonesia

Facilitation in an international project to promote intersectionality and inclusiveness with Indonesia, the Philippines, Rwanda, Nigeria and Sierra Leone. With participants with disabilities, LGBTIQ and Youth in border conflict situations.  

Environmental awareness raising for and by youth about the importance of the rain forest

Awareness raising for school children in the Netherlands about the importance of rain forests, and financial adoption of 2 orangutans to support Indonesian efforts for the conservation of their habitat