October 2019: External evaluation of the Legal and Human Rights Empowerment Program 2017 - 2020 by the YAPHI Foundation in Surakata, Central Java

DARE THIS carried out the evaluation of the recent three-years program of YAPHI, a civil society organisation active in providing legal aid, information and education about their rights to marginalised and powerless people in Central Java and Yogyakarta since 1987. Their targt groups are, amongst others, victims of sexual assault (women and girls), of investment-related conflicts (land, environment), of ethnic, religious, racial and group violence and of human rights violations in Indonesia's past. The Program, supported by a MISEREOR-KZE, aims at developing public access to justice.

International Saline Future Conference on 9-10 September 2019, Netherlands

DARE THIS attended the first international Saline Future Conference on 9-10 September 2019 in the Netherlands and presented with a poster about water harvesting and alternative agriculture in Sabu - Indonesia. Local farmers voiced their input and need together with academics and project managers from the Middle East, Europe, Australia and Asia. Further information can be found here.

2018-2020: Empowerment Project for young People affected by Leprosy

DARE THIS together with PerMaTa Sulawesi, an organisation of persons affected by leprosy, won a grant from VOICE for their project SIPAKATAU.  Voice is an initiative by the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Oxfam Novib and Hivos. The aim of the project is the enhanced empowerment of young people affected by leprosy, by giving young people the opportunity to experience what they are able to do: They will be involve in design, organisation and implementation of small community projects for the benefit of other vulnerable people.

August 2019: Voices for Inclusion: Facilitation of exchange and learning of voices for inclusion in Indonesia.

DARE THIS facilitated the international VOICES FOR INCLUSION project in Indonesia, funded by Liliane Foundation, the Dutch Coalition on Disability and Development (DCDD), and VOICE. This project was facilitated in the Philippines, Rwanda, Nigeria and Sierra Leone simultaniously. Three local organisations of marginalised groups in Indonesia representing people with disabilities, the LGBTIQ community and youth in border conflict situations were involved in an exchange. The goal of this learning exchange was to further improve advocacy strategies by considering issues of intersectionality and inclusiveness.

June 2019: Midterm Evaluation of the Caritas Germany project "Professionalization of training in social work and consolidation in community based rehabilitation in Tajikistan"

This project funded by the German government for community-based rehabilitation and inclusion of people with disabilities in Tajikistan includes two focal points: the professionalization of training in social work / disability work; and the consolidation of CBR work in current and former projects in Tajikistan and its extension to Kyrgyzstan. DARE THIS conducted its midterm evaluation.

June 2019: Midterm Evaluation of the Caritas Germany CBR project in Shahrtuz, Tajikistan 

DARE THIS conducted the midterm evaluation of 'CBR Shahrtuz', a comprehensive project covering all five domains of the CBR Matrix. A local NGO coordinates 44 community rehabilitation workers, including nurses, teachers and parents. Mothers and fathers play an important role and are organised in self-help groups. The local government is supportive of the activities. This project of Caritas Germany in Tajikistan implements best practices from their previous projects in the country.

February 2019: ENVIRONMENT - awareness raising for and by youth about the importance of the rain forest.

The BOSFoundation is an Indonesian non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of the orangutan and its habitat. To support the BOSFoundation and raise awareness, DARE THIS financially adopted 2 orangutans in February 2019. The funds for adoption have been raised by 11 year old students from a primary school in the Netherlands. DARE THIS guided and supported this initiative by raising awareness about the importance of rain forests, deforestation, palm oil production and endangered flora and fauna. Read more !

December 2018: Baseline study on participation of people with disabilities in work and employment, Indonesia

DARE THIS in collaboration with Results in Health (RiH) Indonesia conducted a baseline study in South Sulawesi, in preparation for an upcoming project by the Netherlands Leprosy Relief (NLR) Indonesia, called LEAP. LEAP stands for “Local Economic Development of People With Disabilities Through Active Advocacy For An Inclusive Policy”. The results will provide valuable data for advocacy that will be carried out by local DPOs during the 3-year LEAP project, aiming to improve a situation of high unemployment of person with disabilities in the project area.

January 2018: Evaluation of prevention in mental health program in Cambodia

Caritas Centre for Child and Adolescent Mental Health (Caritas-CCAMH) in Cambodia provides prevention and treatment for children and adolescents in mental health. Interventions are combined at their Centre and in the community using prevention strategies through working with communities, youth, schools and prisons. A joint external evaluation was performed by DARE-THIS to assess the implementation and make recommendations for this unique program in mental health in Cambodia.

November / December 2017: CBR Feasibility Study in Kyrgyzstan

Caritas Germany is successfully implementing a CBR project in Tajikistan, where they utilise as much as possible governmental structures to establish services and referral systems for children with disabilities and their families. They now explore the possibilities of expanding the project to neigbouring Kyrgyzstan. DARE THIS carried out a feasibility study to identify needs, opportunities and conditions for such a CBR model in Kyrgyzstan.

2017: Case stories on participation of persons affected by leprosy in leprosy services

Persons affected by leprosy play a vital role in helping to eliminate this disease and to stop stigma and discrimination towards those who are affected by it. A working group under the International Federation of Anti-Leprosy Associations (ILEP), sponsored by the Sasakawa Memorial Health Foundation (SMHF) has been formed in 2014 to give practical advice for countries and programs on how to strengthen this participation. A handbook with case stories will be one of their end products. DARE THIS with one of its consultants is involved in-depth interviewing and writing up of these studies.

April 2017: Evaluation of the VILLAGE ALIVE project in Nepal

The Village Alive Project (VAP) was a three-year participatory community development programme focused on low-caste Dalit villages in South Nepal. Already existing self-help groups of people affected by leprosy were the facilitators of village groups, helping people to help themselves. The project has been very successfully implemented by the Lalgadh Leprosy Hospital and Service Center, supported by the Nepal Leprosy Trust (Nepal / Ireland), Irish Aid and Effect: Hope. The end evaluation was conducted in March 2017 by a consultant of DARE THIS.


2017- ongoing. AccessibleIndonesia is a part of Vifa Holiday DMC, an Indonesian Travel operator. It aims at making Indonesia more accessible for local and foreign travellers and tourists. DARE THIS advises them how to ensure accessibility in all aspects of their services, trains staff about inclusion, equality and disability, consults about assistive devices and supports advocacy to other service providers inside and outside Indonesia for more access in culture and travel.