The DARE THIS team consists of highly professional experts from diverse backgrounds, united under the umbrella theme of inclusive development. Our members and affiliated members are independent consultants and advisors, experienced to work effectively in different contexts, from grassroots to international settings, for varied types of customers in different situations.

Our local resource persons are:



Franny is a public health specialist with over 20 years of field experience catalyzing community-based solutions to disability and health in the Asia-Pacific region. She has engaged local stakeholders in community based rehabilitation (CBR) throughout Asia. She worked for many years in Indonesia on both grassroots and management level in the field of disability, rehabilitation and HIV/AIDS. Franny has developed evidence-based program guidelines for government, multilateral and non-profit agencies. She has a Dutch/Australian nationality and a background in physiotherapy.
Her passion is to inspire people with disabilities to transform their communities with empowered action.

Key areas of expertise:

  • Community Based Rehabilitation

  • Physical Rehabilitation

  • Creating evidence based guidelines

  • Health Care evaluation and research

  • Capacity building and training

Franny has a MAppSc in physiotherapy and a MSc in Public Health in completion.



Kerstin is specialised in disability and leprosy. She has extensive experience in comprehensive rehabilitation and stigma reduction and is a pioneer in innovative approaches to prevention of disability in leprosy. She develops multi-stakeholder approaches to accessibility and inclusion for people with disabilities. Her particular interest is in the empowerment process of
Disabled People Organisations (DPOs). She has done consultancies throughout Asia and in Africa. Kerstin is German and lives in Makassar, Indonesia since 1998.
Her passion in work is to support persons with disabilities in their own empowerment

Her passion in work is to support persons with disabilities in their own empowerment.

Key areas of expertise:

  • Morbidity management and disability prevention in Neglected Tropical Diseases and Diabetes.

  • Assessment and promotion of accessibility and inclusion

  • Human rights and social protection for persons with disabilities

  • Socio-economic development

  • Participatory, emancipatory research and training

Kerstin has a MA in Disability Studies.



Emily Rowe (Phd) is an expert in Health Anthropology in the field of HIV-AIDS and reproductive health. Her expertise is in rights-based strategies for LGBTQI populations and harm reduction advocacy in Asia. She works with and gives technical advice to female sex worker organisations in Indonesia and beyond.

Emily is Australian, she lives in Bali since 1998, Indonesia. Her passion is the inclusion of sex workers and LGBTQI populations in society

Key areas of expertise:

  • HIV transmission prevention and programming, care, support, treatment

  • Qualitative and Community Based Participatory Research, desk reviews

  • Training module development and capacity building

  • Transgender health; gender and anthropology

  • Mainstreaming sexual and gender diversity

Emily has a PhD in Health Anthropology in the field of HIV and transformation of sexuality in Indonesia.


Suryono is a specialist in building local community and civil society organisations’ capacities for disaster risk management & climate change adaptation. He has worked extensively in advocating local initiatives for disaster resilience, and building civil society government partnerships. He has particular expertise in seeking participatory sustainable solutions with local farmers to overcome the impact of climate change on food security.
His background is in international development and he has studied and worked in Indonesia and Australia. Suryono is Indonesian, lives in Yogyakarta and holds Australian Permanent Residence. He is passionate about promoting independent communities

Key areas of expertise:

  • Inclusive Disaster Risk Reduction Management

  • Community Resilience Programs

  • Project Management and Evaluation

  • Developing training and capacity building

  • Promoting self-reliance in rural livelihood

Suryono has a MA in International Development.


Kiki Dethmers (PhD) is a marine ecologist and expert in conservation management. She is involved in a wide range of biodiversity conservation planning and research projects in collaboration with local communities or expert groups, such as indigenous rangers in Australia and remote-island communities in eastern Indonesia. With nearly 25 years of working experience in remote areas of the Australasian region, she has a thorough understanding of the pressures affecting marine fauna in an environment fundamentally challenged by climate change. She is Dutch with Australian permanent residence.
Kiki is passionate about the sustainable use of marine resources and protection of biological diversity so as to preserve healthy ecosystems for future generations.

Key areas of expertise:

  • Coastal and marine ecology research

  • Endangered and migratory species conservation program management (particularly sea turtles)

  • Multi-stakeholder engagement including Indigenous communities, government, and industry

  • Capacity building and training

  • Connecting fundamental marine science to societal needs

  • Shellfish aquaculture

  • Monitoring, surveying and census techniques


Klarenda is an affiliated member of DARE THIS. Her key areas of expertise are
- Human rights and women’s rights
- Gender
- Sexual and reproductive health rights
- Fundraising/Proposal writing
Her experience includes
- Involvement in NGO’s working on issues related to women’s rights, with programmes on the rights of specific groups of women workers, violence against women, and sexual and reproductive rights.
- Consultancies on gender integration and increasing female participation in community based programmes.

Klarenda has a Law degree.


Al Qadri lives in South Sulawesi, Indonesia. He has been infected with leprosy when he was a young boy. Al Qadri has over 10-years experience as leader of PerMaTa, an organisation of people affected by leprosy, on district, province and national level.

Never given the opportunity to gain formal education, he obtained a wealth of knowledge through numerous national and international trainings and workshops during his years of NGO work.


Melati Adelia Dewi is a male-to-female transgender woman born in Bali whose advocacy career began with her role as a key representative of LGBT youth in Indonesia.
In addition to being a long-time activist with a vested interest in the social inclusion of transgender women in Indonesia, Melati is also currently the Provincial Coordinator of Organisasi Perubahan Sosial Indonesia (the Indonesian Sex Workers Network). Melati has years of experience as a peer outreach worker along with experience leading and working on qualitative research projects.
Melati brings invaluable community and human rights insight into HIV, LGBT, and the challenges of marginalised populations to the DT team.


Norma Maria Yunita lives in Flores, Indonesia. She has life-changing personal experiences with disability as she was affected by polio since childhood. Her passion is addressing sexual and domestic violence against children and women with disabilities.