DARE THIS stands for our key areas of work in Disability, Accessibility, Reproductive- and Sexual Health and Environmental Sustainability, and for our commitment to work as a Team for Holistic, Inclusive and Sustainable solutions.


Who We Are

We are a platform of freelancing, international experts committed to work in and for people and projects in lower income earning countries. Our (not exclusive) focus is on Asia and Indonesia. Our main office is based in the Netherlands, with a Representative Office in Indonesia.


"DARE THIS provides quality services by drawing on a pool of specialists with different areas of expertise."


Our Services

The services available through our platform include:

  • Capacity building, training, workshops

  • Quantitative and qualitative, participatory and emancipatory research

  • Surveys, census, baseline studies, need assessments

  • Desk reviews and context analysis

  • Participatory monitoring, evaluations and learning

  • Review of scientific documents and proposals

  • Training manuals and materials, module development

  • Organisational support (organisational development, proposal development, project / program design and assistance)


Our partners

We offer services to and work together with:

  • Local and grassroots civil society groups and people’s organisations

  • National and international NGOs

  • Universities

  • Government institutions

  • Donor organisations

  • Private Enterprises with a social mission


Inclusive teams

Every aspect of life has more than one angle. When professionals with different backgrounds and proficiencies work together, they can provide comprehensive, cross-sectional understanding of an issue. This is why we offer our services, where relevant, to be carried out in teams, composed of two or more DARE THIS experts. Furthermore, we invite and enable directly-affected persons, such as people with disability, local women, people affected by HIV/AIDS or other significant stakeholders, to become part of a team as resource persons to hear their voice or – where applicable – as researchers, evaluators, trainers or analysers. We encourage our partners to support the active participation of directly affected persons.


Ensuring Quality

After an expert, or a team of experts, has been appointed to an assignment, the work is carried out independently by him, her or them. DARE THIS ensures quality standards during the whole process. Before the final product is delivered to our partner, we conduct completeness and quality checks to ensure highest standards.


Vulnerable People and Child Protection Organizational Mandate

Dare This works on the principles of equity and fairness for all, regardless of race, colour, sexual orientation, gender identity, language, health status, religion, political or other opinion, nationality, ethnicity or social origin, property ownership status, disability, or any other status. Our organizational mandate includes acknowledgement of the intersectionality of issues that affect vulnerable populations globally and ensuring that the voices of the communities we work alongside are prioritized and amplified. Our work is grounded in the meaningful participation of our communities who we view as partners in development.


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