How we work

We offer our services as individual experts or in teams composed of two or more DARE THIS experts for evaluations, training, project development or research.


DARE THIS works on the principles of equity and equality for all, regardless of health status, disability status, sexual orientation, gender identity, religious background, ethnicity or social origin. We acknowledge that vulnerable populations are disproportionally affected by global issues and we ensure that the voices of the communities we work alongside are heard and amplified.

Inclusive Teams

We invite and enable affected persons into our team as resource persons to hear their voice. We encourage our partners to support the active participation of directly affected persons.

Local Partnership

DARE THIS works with government, non-government organisations, civil society organisations, and local grassroots communities to promote effective partnerships and to strengthen resilience against the effects of natural and human-induced hazards.


Capacity building, training, workshops

Desk reviews and context analysis

Organisational support

Participatory monitoring, evaluations, and learning

Quantitative and qualitative research

Participatory and emancipatory research

Surveys, baseline studies, need assessments

Project management and coordination


Involvement of program beneficiaries and implementing bodies throughout the consultancy process

Community consultation through established and developing regional networks

Capacitation and empowerment of vulnerable populations

Evidence-based programming

Quality Assurance

Members of DARE THIS work as a team or independently. We ensure quality standards during the entire project-process.


KevinHow we work