Disasters, environmental hazards and climate change are major global priorities. International, regional and national initiatives are in place to deal with the issues. Civil society organization which includes non-governmental organisations, as well as communities across the globe are taking actions, within the limits of their capacity. Government, civil society and community engagement is important, but there are inherent challenges to overcome if such engagement is to be effective.

DARE THIS works with government, civil society organisations and communities to promote effective local partnership to strengthen resilience against the effects of natural and human-induced hazards.

Our main strategies are:

  • Promoting awareness of

  • Hazards, risk and vulnerabilities

  • The centrality of local actions, initiatives and innovations

  • Shared responsibility and the importance of state-society partnership

  • Inclusive engagement that incorporate people with disabilities and their organisations, and vulnerable and marginalised people

  • Inclusive community actions for local resilience

  • Capacity building for government, local civil society organisations, including people with disabilities and their organisations, and other vulnerable and marginalised groups.

  • Policy advocacy

  • Government, civil society, community engagement for resilience

  • Sustainable livelihood


Our services include:

  • Research and research assistance

  • Project and program evaluations

  • Baseline studies, (Participatory) Need assessments

  • Training for government workers and other stakeholders

  • Capacity building for civil society including non-government organizations

  • Project monitoring and support