Environmental sustainability

We are dedicated to protecting or restoring healthy ecosystems locally.

Persistent threats to the health of our planet such as climate change, environmental pollution, biodiversity loss, and unsustainable use of natural resources, pose multiple risks to human, animal, and ecosystem health.

Oceans, seas and coastal environments support many ecosystem services that provide benefits for human health and well-being. For example, coastal and ocean biodiversity provides nutrition and income from seafood. Coastal environments are important nurseries, feeding and spawning grounds for wild fish species and aquaculture production. Biodiversity underpins the productivity, stability and resilience of these services. Pollution and overharvesting threaten biodiversity and significantly contribute to the ongoing extinction of species.

DARE THIS works with the concept of One Health, which recognizes the interdependence and interconnectedness of ecosystem health with that of animals and humans. One Health provides a practical approach for developing and sustaining broad collaboration across disciplines, knowledge systems and a diversity of stakeholders to identify, prevent, and manage health risks in humans, animals and their shared environment.


Orangutan – Kalimantan, Indonesia

Drought – Eastern Indonesia

Seaweed harvesting as alternative food crop (Indonesia)

Marine Research


Whale, Timor Sea

Marine pollution – plastics and nets

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