Areas of work

Disability, Accessibility, Reproductive-, sexual-, and public health and the Environment

DARE THIS works in four key areas: Disability Accessible health Reproductive health and the Environment

DARE THIS is a platform of international professionals.

We focus on working with and for vulnerable and marginalized people in Low-and Middle-income countries (LMICs).

We work alongside communities so their voice can be heard through joint collaboration.

We create pathways towards equity in accessing social and health services and resources from a sustainable natural environment.

We link international, national and local strategies.

Disability Inclusion

We work for a world where people with disabilities can enjoy their rights and equal opportunities.

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Accessible Health

We support equal and inclusive access to local health services.

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Reproductive & Sexual Health

We support initiatives to improve the ability to make informed decisions about health protection.

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Environmental sustainability

We are dedicated to protecting or restoring healthy ecosystems locally.

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KevinAreas of work