About us

DARE THIS is a Platform of international professionals working with and for people in Low Middle Income Countries (LMICs)

Our Team

The DARE THIS team consists of highly professional experts from diverse backgrounds, united under the umbrella theme of inclusive development. Our members and affiliated members are independent consultants and advisors, experienced to work effectively in different contexts, from grassroots to international settings, for varied types of customers in different situations.

  • Ecological engineering for inshore aquaculture
  • Marine biodiversity ecology
  • Systematic conservation planning

  • HIV prevention care support and treatment
  • Sexual and reproductive health
  • Harm Reduction
  • Community based participatory research and monitoring
  • Health anthropology
  • SOGIESC and gender

  • Public Health – Health promotion
  • Neglected Tropical Disease
  • Community Based Inclusive Development
  • Disability

  • Inclusive Disaster Risk
  • Reduction Management
  • Community Resilience Programs
  • Project Management and Evaluation
  • Developing training and capacity building
  • Promoting self-reliance in rural livelihood

  • Community-based inclusive development
  • Disability
  • Leprosy

Our Voices

We prioritise the meaningful engagement of the populations and communities we collaborate with. As a key strategy of DARE THIS we work with local community representatives who act as resource people and core partners throughout. Our local resource persons are:

  • Norma is affected by polio. She is our resource person for Disability and gender-based violence

Dare This Melati

  • Melati is a transgender woman. She is our resource person for HIV and LGBTQ health rights.

  • Pak Al Qadri is affected by leprosy. He is our resource person for leprosy and disability.

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